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Our History

Montessori School near SJAFB

In 1979, the Wayne Montessori School (WMS) was established to deliver the inaugural Montessori educational experience to the youngsters of Wayne County. Its inception primarily focused on preschool and kindergarten levels, with WMS managing three classrooms dedicated to Children’s House. Over the initial 14-year span, the school found its home in various available structures.


In 1992, a significant step was taken as WMS constructed an independent school facility at 900 South Harding Drive. By 1994, Wayne Montessori extended its offerings to encompass elementary grades from First to Third grade. In response to the escalating program, the Harding Drive establishment was expanded in 1997.

Montessori School in Eastern North Carolina

Subsequently, this property changed hands to the YMCA, leading WMS to lease the original section temporarily until their current purpose-built location was finished, and the pivotal year of 2009 marked the appointment of the first Head of School, Betty Grissom, by the Board of Directors.

In August 2013, Wayne Montessori School shifted its premises to the present address at 103 New Hare Drive. The school year of 2013-2014 it heralded another milestone for WMS, introducing fifth-grade classes, which presently constitute the highest grade level at the school.


The ensuing years bore witness to notable expansion in the elementary program, culminating in the 2015-16 academic year when the program was divided into lower and upper elementary classes. Sensing the increasing need for comprehensive daycare for Children’s House students, the Wayne Montessori Child Care Center was established in August 2015.

Childrens House Montessori School
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